Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 12 Reading Diary A: The Life of Buddha- His Birth

The beginning of The Life of Buddha has been quite interesting. His mother, Maya is the Queen to Suddhodana. She gives up her “worldly” evil desires for a life of good, virtue and abstinence. She heads to an apartment to act out her creed.

While she is away she has a dream that she becomes pregnant with a white elephant with many tusks and the Gods praise her and her good deed. When she woke up, she was overjoyed and wanted to speak to the King, her husband.

He agrees to meet her and as he is approaching her, he feels a sense of weakness and uneasiness. Shortly, a voice from above tells him that his wife, Queen Maya, is going to carry this wonderful son of the Gods, Buddha. He is overjoyed by the knowledge of having this son.

Months passed and the time came for Maya to give birth to Buddha.  She goes to give birth in the garden to allow Buddha to begin his life surrounded by the innocent purity of the flowers. When she entered the forest, she saw a beautiful tree full of flowers and suddenly and easily, she gave birth to Buddha. The Earth was full of joy. Every creature rejoiced as this wonderful child came to be born on earth.

The Birth of Buddha
Provided by Wikimedia Commons
The Life of Buddha by A. Ferdinand Herold,translated by Paul C. Blum

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