Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Week 12 Reading Diary B: The Life of Buddha

Siddhartha is so distraught from the discovery of age and sickness and death decides to leave the kings palace to commence his quest for good. *tear*

He reaches a forest full of hermits and here he decides is the place he will begin to find a way to destroy old age and death.

This quote on page 63 is really great“Unhappiness is born of desire; that man is to be pitied who is a slave to his passions. When a man dies, there are always heirs to his fortune, but heirs to his virtues are rarely found, are never found.

And this one

“…the practice of virtue is never untimely.”

When Gopa and Suddhodana find out Siddhartha is gone they are in complete despair.

Siddhartha meditates for many years eating nearly nothing, exposing his bones

Image of Siddhartha Meditating
Provided by Wikipedia Commons

Siddhartha is beginning to collect disciples, beginning with five, who leave him calling him crazy because he has yet to gain true knowledge.

He has several crazy dreams and upon awakening he realizes that he has gained the true knowledge- he is ready to become Buddha.


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