Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 8 Famous Last Words: Maybe, just MAYBE...

Dare I say it? But I think I’ve finally gotten my life together. 
Now that I’ve cursed myself…..

This week has been so refreshing. Having simpler assignments in this class this week gave me the time I’ve so desperately needed to finally catch up in all my other classes. I had time to crank out all of the work for this class relatively quickly giving me time to study for my two midterms this week. Having classes cancelled Wednesday was really nice as well. While it did force me to have two mid terms on the same day, it gave me so much more time than I would have normally had to study.

Looking back on past assignments is such an interesting idea. I really did not realize just how much I have accomplished this semester, just in one class alone. I actually wouldn’t mind doing this in every other class. It is so easy to get discouraged as students. Our expectations are set so high we often forget that even failure is so much farther than we began. I actually sort of wish all of our evaluation was like that… But that’s a completely different discussion.

This weekend was definitely interesting. With all the snow storms I was starting to go a little crazy. I just imagine my metaphorical body standing at the door screaming “Let me out!” so I did! One of my best friends and I finally decided to get a life and go out, for once. We went to The Mont (which may or may not have been a poor choice to begin with) but it all went downhill from there. We quickly remembered why we were home bodies in the first place ha ha.

But it wasn’t all bad! After an uneventful night, we woke up with one mission in mind…. PANCAKES! Anyone who knows us would be well acquainted with our obsession with IHOP, mainly out of tradition not of taste, and it had simply been too long since we had gone. It was a perfect ending to a really strange weekend.

Here are a couple of SnapChats of my beautiful life choices.

Images of IHOP
Taken bymyself

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