Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Commenting Review Week

Comments are a wonky thing. To have someone look at your work with a critical eye is always a scary but rewarding process. Criticism is SO useful in this setting. We do not have the ability to walk over to a classmate and ask “what do you think about this.” That alone puts us in this cliff hanger of whether or not our work is going to be perceived the way we intended it to be. Each time I see that I have a new comment I get excited and curious to see what someone else thinks of my work. It’s truly a strange process, but it is so wonderful. Other students have pointed out mistakes I've made that I would have never realized otherwise.

I struggle a little with commenting because I always want to sort of chat. I’m always intrigued by the inspiration of other’s work and want to talk about it, not necessarily evaluate it. Another struggle is with the fact that my knowledge of technical grammatical and punctuation rules is sort of pathetic. I can easily identify an error but I don’t always know how to fix it, or why it is wrong. That has proven to be especially difficult in the longer comments. How do you say “that’s wrong but I don’t know why,” In a constructive comment? It’s a little difficult to get your opinion out when you aren't sure how to say it. I am always worried that I will sound mean.

The aspect I like the most about commenting is the exposure. I would have little motivation or reason to explore other student’s blog posts without the assignment and would have missed so many cool and intriguing stories otherwise. The introductions are always the most fun for me to comment on. It’s so cool to see common interest within a random group of students, and be able to make note of it. 

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