Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Reading Diary A: Indian Fairytales

  • The Lion and The Crane
    • I LOVE the story about the lion and the crane. I believe I have read a story similar about a Lion that needed a thorn out of his back paw and a mouse that was scared to help him or something like that. It is a very familiar story and moral. It is SO cute
This image is actually of a Wolf and a Crane with the same story, but I really liked it because it showed how the story has evolved through different cultures.
The wolf and the Crane
Provided by Wikipedia
  • How the Raja Son Won the Princess Labam
    • This is also like the story I remember reading many years ago with the thorn in the tiger's foot. Quite possibly a combination of these stories
    • This story also vaguely reminds me of the Disney Princess Jasmine: funny how bits and pieces come together from different ancient stories
    • Yay! All of the prince's friends came to help him with his feats against the king!
  • The Lambkin
    • Am I the only one who finds it a little weird that the Lamb has to make a drum out of his brother’s skin....
  • The Broken Pot
    • This story was so cute and accurate about how planning for the future never ends well. He tried to foolishly plan his whole life and ironically broke the pot that would hold the future to his entire plan!
  • The Magic Fiddle
    • This was a weird story…. A lady is now a fiddle?
I really enjoy these stories so far! Its sort of shocking to see the resemblance to other folk stories I have heard throughout my life. Bits and pieces of different stories always put an image of a movie or a memory of a story I have heard. It’s so interesting to see the correlation!

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