Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Reading Diary B: Continuing The Journey

P. 53-89 
Narayan, R. K. (1972) The Ramayana.

As this book continues, It is becoming much easier to follow and understand as I become more familiar with the characters, as well as the overall writing style. Here are some more thoughts I had throughout this second section of the book
  • It REALLY sucks that Rama has to leave home. And he’s so noble, and honest to his words he wont ev
    en stay, even after Dasharatha changes his mind.
  • At least he has his brothers to keep him company??
  • And at least they have a chariot full of stuff to use....
  • I guess Dasharatha proves you can die of sadness....
  • BTW, why hasn't Bharata come back to take the throne yet... What's the time frame here?
  • I would have been annoyed if I was Bharata.... "Welcome home! Your brothers have been exiled, your dad is dead, and oh yeah!, you're King"
  • (Kinda hate Kaikeyi for being that crazy, jealous wife and causing all of this)
  • At least Rama is more or less okay with living in the forest for a few years
  • *Insert trap woman* Of course she’s super beautiful
  • “I’m not a demon like my crazy evil brother I SWEAR!” I don’t know if I trust this lady…..
  •   OF COURSE Sita has to be captured by this “golden deer”… I’m not even going to dive into all the questions I have about that…
All I can say is.... What's gonna happen next. I'm officially hooked. 

Painting of Rava & Sita
(Wikipedia Commons)

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