Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Reading Diary A: The Beginning of Ramayana

Pages 1-53 

This week, I began my exploration of "The Ramayana" by R.K. Narayan, and let me just tell you that It took me SEVERAL pages to get used to the writing style. So far I am really finding this book to be quite enjoyable, especially since it its unlike anything I have ever read before.

Here are a few notes that I took as I was reading, to help keep everything in my head clear. 
  • Ravana has to be killed by a human
  • Magical Rice?!? I'm liking the way this is going.
  • Viswamithra: now sage, used to be a king Is it just me or is Visawamithra super touchy about the fact that he used to be king...
  •  Poor Dasaratha... He wanted children so badly and they get taken away on this crazy journey through a desert full of dead GIGANTIC serpent
  • Serpents big enough for elephants to fit in their mouths??? No thank you
  • Thataka: Crazy demon number 1… but no worries Rama’s comin’ in for the kill
  •  Why are there so many gods and demons?
  • Mahabali: Another demon??? Defeated by a Dwarf (or apparently bee) that’s actually overthrows him and sends him to “hell”
  • Ganga: The story of how the oceans came to be on earth
  •  Viswamithra has an explanation for EVERYTHING   
  • Is each place a new story???.... Apparently so.

                So far what I have noticed of this book is that Rama is a pretty cool guy. He was taken from his parents before he was really ready, to go on a crazy journey with Viswamithra. Everywhere they go, Viswamithra has a story to explain everything, and Rama is loved, and wonderful everywhere he goes. He is even chosen as King, when Dasaratha is ready to “retire”. But like all good things, Rama is headed for an interesting time as he is sent away for 14 years … I am ready to find out what happens next!

King Rama With Bow

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