Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 1: Famous Last Words

This week has certainly been a whirlwind....

                I have never taken such an involved class! I do have to admit that it is quite a struggle for me to adjust to all the writing and reading. I came to OU with all of my English credits fulfilled, and dove in to the math and science, never to read and never to write again….. Or so I thought.  While this class is quite different from any other class I have taken, I absolutely love it. I’m perpetually confused, always behind, and constantly over-whelmed with my forgetfulness, but I absolutely love it. The way in which we are exposed to new things (and new people) is astonishing. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve “bragged” about my new little blog to anyone who will listen. This class has taken me out of my comfort zone in ways I never would have expected.
                So far this week, I have learned that writing is not always technical. For the past few years now, I have primarily found myself writing in a “report” fashion, relaying information in an “X,Y,Z” formation. “Make your information simple.” “It must be set up to be repeatable!” “Leave out unnecessary descriptions.” I may still do that from time to time within these blog posts, kind of like I am now (old habits die hard) but it is SO refreshing to be able to write, simply for the sake of writing.  This class has also already taught me how to manage my time in a much more efficient fashion. I may still wait until the last second to do assignments or turn things in, but I am becoming much more aware of the dedication and time it takes to do these assignments, as well as assignments in other classes.
                It was such an impulsive decision to take this class, but I am so glad it crossed my path. I am ready to learn, not only the material, but also about my peers. I’m ready to tackle the semester.

Here is a little inspirational quote I feel is all too accurate. 

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