Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Reading Diary A: Twenty-Two Goblins

Thoughts from Twenty-Two Goblins

  • The king receives fruit with gems inside of them? I can dig        it.
  • The king cut down a tree and it screamed. And now it’s laughing? Oh… It’s   a goblin. OOOOHHHH It’s gonna tell stories!

  • Oh goodness a love story. This can’t end well.
  • She likes him too! This is starting better than expected.
  • Oh wait. She leaves. Nevermind.
  • Ear-Lotus, daughter of Bite, named lily, hand on heart        means love?… Where is this coming from….
  • This counselor is interpreting all kinds of things from this   crazy girl!
  • And this crazy –signs girl tries to poison the counselor who        helped her husband understand her… ok….
  • And now the counselor wants to get her drunk and steal her jewelry… this is getting even weirder.
  • And now she’s dead…
  • And all of this is a test to King Triple-Victory's judgement?
Image of Lotus Inspired by The First Goblin Story
Provided by Wikipedia

  • King Triple-Victory is intrigued with these goblins as much as I am!  He goes back for another story!
  • This story starts with another beautiful girl named Coral. I’m cautiously optimistic
  • She doesn’t marry anyone because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. How nice.
  • And now all three of these poor guys are obsessed with her and pay tribute to her dead body.
  • This poor guy wanders around dedicating his life to being a monk and then this lady throws her kid in the fire. He’s having a tough life.
  • Wait. This guy is a wizard or something? His magic can just like… un-kill people?
  • And now the monk is going to steal the spell book to bring back Coral. What a sweet gesture. And it works!
  • And the three guys are back to fighting over Coral…..
  • And once again this is a test for King Three-Victory.

Image of Coral Inspired by The Second Goblin Story
Provided by Pixabay

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