Monday, January 26, 2015

Reading Diary A: Rama and Vani

  • I really enjoy the quote on P. 90 "The perfect man takes a false step, apparently commits a moral slip, and we ordinary mortals stand puzzled before the incident." It's something to ponder not only within Ramayana but in life in general.
  • Sugreeva's Story is very interesting.  Vali is just a tad bit dramatic. His brother didn't mean to entomb him. I mean, he got out....Isn't taking someone's wife a little extreme..
  • On a side note.... How long has Rama been in the forest? Has this 14 year sentence started...?
  • This battle is very entertaining. It is rather sad tho. I can only imagine how distraught Vali's family was, when they found that he was dead. 
  • It's humbling that Sugreeva is crowned king, and still does not turn his back on Rama. 
  • I'm glad Hanuman did not mistake Sita as Mandodari, I can only imagine how disastrous that could have been. 
So far, the second half of Ramayana has been just as action- packed as the first. I have noticed that Rama seems slightly more...... mature? I'm not quite sure of the word I am looking for, but he seems to be building as a character throughout the story. I also quite enjoy the stories within the story, once again. The background information makes the current scene much easier to understand. 

Image of Ravana

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