Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Reading Diary B: The End of the Ramayana

I decided to backtrack a little since I feel like I sped through this section to the ending. These notes begin on page 121
  • Ravana ignores all of his previous "favorite" women. What a nice guy...
  • Hanuman found Sita!.... Just kidding its Mandodari. Did he really think Sita would snore?!
  • Hunaman found Sita for real this time! But she's surrounded by crazy rakshasa ladies with their weapons.....
  • And she hasn’t been taken care of.
  • I am so glad Sita is loyal. Ravana keeps trying to convince her to be his wife, and she’s just not having' it.
  • Hunaman found Sita, was able to talk to her, but he can’t save her and take her back to Rama..?
  • I really like Hunaman. He's sneaky and has vengeance. He burned down the entire city.
  • Ravana is a little butt-hurt that his city was burned down by a monkey
  • Ravana calls his executives to talk, and even they question why he did the things he did. Rama and Lakshmana are a force to be reckoned with.
  • Apparently everyone wants Rama dead. And why are they so insulted by the fact that Hunaman is a monkey.
  • NOW they think about how Sita would feel.
  • Looks like we're having a war.
  • Vibishana is so wise, and Ravana is just so stubborn that he can’t see the truth. Rama is no ordinary man, and he is going to come to kill Ravana.
  • I am so glad Rama is noble and accepts Vibishana, even though he seems to be lying.
  • AND he has inside knowledge about Ravana’s attack plan.
  • Yay! Ravana is losing the battle.
  • He’s losing so bad he tries to trick Sita
  • Rama even gives him the option to surrender and return Sita before he kills his entire army
  • Poor Sita has to see her dead husband… except he isn’t dead!
  • The battle continues as Ravana and Rama use different weapons of trickery and clarity.
  • Yay! Rama killed Ravana and he got back Sita!
    Image provided by Wikipedia Commons of the Battle of Ravana and Rama 

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