Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 4 Famous Last Words: H8 U Ochem

Being sick sucks. A lot. Last weekend I caught the Campus Plague, also known as the flu. Dragging my butt to class, when all I want to do is blanket burrito myself and eat soup was no fun feat, but I survived and this is what I’ve learned throughout the week.
Firstly, I really like this class, partially because I get the option to do my work when I want in my pajamas, but also because of the extra credit. It really is a life saver when you feel like death and don’t want to do an assignment every once in a while. I can blanket burrito myself knowing that it isn’t the end of the world that I missed something, which is hardly the case in any of my other classes.
Secondly, which is a piggy- back on my first comment; these stories are a lot of fun. Very rarely do I get the chance to write these days. I grew up as the “writer” in my family. I always had stories I had to tell everyone all the time, and that slowly died the further I got into school and science and math. Not only do I get to write my own stories but I get to read the stories others write that and get ideas and perspectives from my peers. These stories really let my creative side out again. It’s refreshing.
Third, Ochem sucks. Almost more than being sick. I had my first ochem 2 exam this Friday and needless to say, I’m a bit traumatized. My ochem 1 experience was less than desired and there were a lot of things I apparently was supposed to learn last semester that never happened. Playing catch up in ochem really is terrible. I have the feeling there are going to be a lot of dates with my ochem book in the near future. Its moments like this when I start to wonder if it’s too late to get out of my difficult classes…. And change my major…. And drop out of college…. Regardless I keep telling myself that the work will be worth it. It’s probably a lie and I’ll always question why ochem matters at all in my life, but that’s besides the point.
On a tangent, my parents came up to visit this weekend, which was great and annoying all at the same time. Let me explain.

Reasons its great:
1. They feed me.
2. My mom always feels the need to do my laundry
3. The burnt out light bulbs magically become functioning light bulbs
4. Did I mention they feed me?

Reasons it’s annoying:
1. I am a messy person. My mother is not…. Yes things get cleaned and put away, only to be found weeks later in the most random drawer I would never think to look in
2. They constantly ask me about school. I think that speaks for itself.

I do have to say, despite being sick, and fighting the ochem battles, it has been a pretty great week. Just a week, I never want to repeat (ha ha).

Image of my Parents Taken by myself
Look at this awesome picture of my parents when they came to visit me on 4th of July. When I asked my mom why they were matching her exact words were "We Old. We supposed to." 
And yes, ridiculousness does run in the family. 


  1. Gloria,

    You put so much personality into your writing. It’s really fun to read! I feel your pain on Ochem..oh gawd..its death. I am so glad those days are over for me, and soon they will be for you too. Your thoughts on changing majors or dropping out of college are actually normal. Not sure if that helps to hear, but I know so many engineering majors (myself included) that say these words..a lot. It’s just a very challenging major. I think it’s one of the ways we cope. Keep keepin’ on! You got this.

    Also, love the part about your parents! :)

  2. Hi Gloria!
    Sorry that you were sick this week! It really sucks when you are sick, but have to continue with your school work. That's one reason I love this class! I can lay in bed and my homework! Sorry about OChem! I feel your pain. I took OChem 1 as a summer course and OChem 2 during the fall semester a year ago. It was horrible. I think it is meant to torture us! Good luck with your semester and hope you feel better soon!